Been There – Chihuahua

I am catching up by adding missing Mexican mugs to the site. This Starbucks Been There – Chihuahua mug has been released back in 2018. Chihuahua is the name for both the state and the city in Mexico. My understanding it is a state mug since I don’t really see any city symbols or points of interest.
The Estado Libre y Soberano de Chihuahua is the largest state in Mexico by area and hence having the nickname El Estado Grande (‘The Big State’).… Read more

Icon – Chihuahua

This Icon mug came from Chihuahua, Mexico. Light Green is used as its theme color. Ángel de la Libertad can be seen on the front of the mug and Cascada Basaseachi on the back.
This mug is impossible to find.
Countries of production: China… Read more