Been There – Davao

Starbucks Been There – Davao is the mug for the largest city in the Philippines in terms of land area.
From the mug:
– A huge crocodile on the front seems to be Pangil – a massive 18-foot saltwater crocodile, the largest in the Philippines. He lives in Davao Crocodile Park which is a popular touristic destination. There are many more crocodiles in the park as well as some other animals.
– The People’s Park hosts 1,101 species of plants and trees, both indigenous and non-indigenous.… Read more

Icon – Davao

This Icon mug came from Davao, Philippines. Light Blue is used as its theme color. Durian Fruit can be seen on the front of the mug and Mount Apo on the back.
This mug is pretty common.
Countries of production: China… Read more