Discovery Series Star Wars – Hoth

The highly anticipated release of the Discovery Series Star Wars Hoth mug is just around the corner, with only one day remaining until its official launch on May 4th. Today, Disney’s official account treated eager fans with a sneak peek at the front of the mug, unveiling more interesting details.

– The green circle that can be seen on all Discovery Series mugs (except Disney) and which represents, in a way, the Starbucks logo, is replaced by the blue circle. It is obviously a node to what Hoth planet looks like from space, like a pale blue sphere due to its dense snow and ice covering.… Read more

Been There Star Wars Ornament – Hoth

Star Wars Hoth Ornament is a complete copy of the bigger mug released in the first batch of the Star Wars mugs. This new release has a grey string, matching the inside color of the ornament. The box that Hoth is coming in, has two other ornaments: Bespin and Dagobah.

Hoth, a frigid and inhospitable planet, is a realm of extreme conditions and imminent danger. It made its iconic appearance in “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back,” serving as a pivotal setting in the saga.… Read more

Star Wars Been There – Hoth

Star Wars Been There – Hoth is a mug that I’ve mentioned and have shared the picture of in my previous post. Well, it is now official! As it was revealed by Disney Shop, new Starbucks Star Wars themed mugs are coming out on May 4h, 2020. Sure thing Disney could not resist choosing this unofficial holiday of the Star Wars franchise to release new merchandise. This pun on a famous line from the saga, “May the Force be with you” got far beyond the fan-based universe.… Read more