Starbucks Star Wars Been There Hoth mug

Star Wars Been There – Hoth

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Star Wars Been There – Hoth is a mug that I’ve mentioned and have shared the picture of in my previous post. Well, it is now official! As it was revealed by Disney Shop, new Starbucks Star Wars themed mugs are coming out on May 4h, 2020. Sure thing Disney could not resist choosing this unofficial holiday of the Star Wars franchise to release new merchandise. This pun on a famous line from the saga, “May the Force be with you” got far beyond the fan-based universe.
The new mugs are actually a part of exclusive “The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Collection”. And just as a reminder, this was the second film in the series with the official release date of May 17, 1980. All I can say, this epic space opera aged pretty well!
One of the worlds making its first appearance in the second installment of the saga is Hoth, an ice planet that is so cold that only a few species live there. Among them are predatory Wampa and the gray snow-lizards known as Tauntauns. The latter can be seen on the front of the mug. The planet is notable for the Battle of Hoth, a.k.a. “the assault on Echo Base”. It was considered a major victory for the Galactic Empire over the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. The invasion was led by Darth Vader and had the intention of capturing Luke Skywalker and destroying the Echo Base.
Interesting fact: it was Finse, Norway which was chosen as the real-world filming location for Hoth.
Stay tuned for more pics of the upcoming mugs!

Update of May 4th: the mugs have been officially released and available for purchase in Disney Shop. See updated pictures.

Interesting enough, the cover of the box is black and not dark blue, as it was expecting according to the earlier leaked images, see this post.

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