Been There Star Wars Ornament – Nevarro

Star Wars Nevarro Ornament has grey string and comes in the box with Naboo and Ahch-To.

Nevarro, a rugged and gritty planet within the vast Star Wars universe, is a place defined by its industrial landscapes and underworld presence. Characterized by its rocky terrain, barren canyons, and smoldering lava flows, Nevarro emanates an atmosphere of desolation and danger. The planet’s once-thriving ecosystem has been largely exploited by mining operations, leaving scars on its surface and a harsh environment. Nevarro’s cities, such as the fortified outpost known as Nevarro City, stand as bastions of lawlessness and intrigue, attracting bounty hunters, smugglers, and shady characters seeking to profit from the planet’s underworld connections.… Read more

Been There – Nevarro

This is Starbucks Been There – Nevarro, a mug for the volcanic planet from the Outer Rim Territories. In the time of the New Republic, the planet and its city became headquarters for bounty hunters. Din Djarin, a.k.a “the Mandalorian” or “Mando”, is probably the most well-known among them. He’s depicted right on the front of the mug. Din Djarin dragged the Bounty Hunters’ Guild into the conflict when he rescued Grogu, a.k.a. “The Child” (you can see him on the right side of the front of the mug).… Read more

2022 Starbucks Star Wars mugs are on the way

As you probably know, May 4th is a special day for all Star Wars fans. Coming from the famous line from the saga, “May the Force be with you”, Star Wars Day is an unofficially observed holiday. As the owner of the Star Wars franchise, Disney is using this date for certain events and releases. One of those is the collaboration with Starbucks to produce a mini-series of Star Wars Been There mugs. Since 2020, they release three mugs per year for the different places from the iconic saga.… Read more