Starbucks 2022 Starbucks Star Wars mugs are on the way mug

2022 Starbucks Star Wars mugs are on the way

As you probably know, May 4th is a special day for all Star Wars fans. Coming from the famous line from the saga, “May the Force be with you”, Star Wars Day is an unofficially observed holiday. As the owner of the Star Wars franchise, Disney is using this date for certain events and releases. One of those is the collaboration with Starbucks to produce a mini-series of Star Wars Been There mugs. Since 2020, they release three mugs per year for the different places from the iconic saga. This year is no exception with these new locations to be added to the collection: Naboo, Ahch-To, and Nevarro. I am very excited for this release and the only letdown is that the mugs are not available just yet (as of May 4th), instead, the banner just says “coming soon”, with no date provided. It seems that Starbucks is still going through the supply issues, as are many other companies. Well, this delay will allow you guys to be better prepared and set aside the budget for these new mugs. They should be available for sale through the official Disney online store (hopefully soon). I will definitely be monitoring the news, so stay tuned for more info.

Update: all three mugs have just been released. Apparently “coming soon” meant “coming later today”.
Here are their respective pages with the description and the pictures of each mug:
2022 Star Wars Ahch-To mug
2022 Star Wars Nevarro mug
2022 Star Wars Naboo mug

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