Been There Ornament – Oregon

Starbucks Been There Ornament Oregon is the fresh release from West Coast. The string is green. I was able to identify the following elements on the front:
Flag of Oregon – which became official on February 26, 1925
Multnomah Falls – a waterfall on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge. The falls drops in two major steps, split into an upper falls of 542 feet and a lower falls of 69 feet, with a gradual 9 foot drop in elevation between the two, so the total height of the waterfall is conventionally given as 620 feet
Haystack Rock – 235-foot sea stack in Cannon Beach
An old wagon – is a reference to Oregon Trail – a 2,170-mile historic East–West wagon route and emigrant trail that connected the Missouri River to valleys in Oregon… Read more

You Are Here Ornament – Oregon

I am really excited now as Starbucks has released new mini – Oregon You Are Here Ornament. This is definitely a nice looking one, at least to my tasting. We can now expect that year 2017 will be the year of many US YAH Ornament releases. As a reminder, there are only 62 US YAHs, excluding Disney and Universal and only 30 US YAH Ornaments so far.
As usual, my advise is to keep an eye on licensed stores in airports, hotels and rest stops.… Read more