Been There Ornament – Vermont

This is Starbucks Been There Ornament Vermont. It has green string (obviously). These are some symbols from the mug:
– “Freedom and Unity” is the official motto of the state, adopted in 1788.
– Maple leaf and maple syrup – since Vermont is the biggest producer of maple syrup in States, making almost half of all US maple syrup.
– Mountain bike – Vermont is well known for thousands of trails over mountain terrains and around Lake Champlain.
– Moose – you can pretty much put an equals sign between Vermont and Moose.… Read more

Been There – Vermont

Finally, more New England BTs. This one is Starbucks Been There Vermont mug. I saw it in person and I have to say it looks much better than I expected. Please see all sides in this collage:
Ful review is coming soon!… Read more