Been There Marvel Ornament – Wakanda

It seems that Starbucks Been There Marvel Ornament Wakanda is out! It looks very similar to the Wakanda mug, at least the front of it. However, judging by the photo of the back of the ornament, certain elements are re-arranged or removed. In case you want to learn more about Wakanda and what inspired the Starbucks’ artists, I invite you to read this pretty long post that I made about the design of the full-sized sibling of this ornament.
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Been There Marvel – Wakanda

This is a milestone release from Starbucks and I am sure, that Been There Wakanda is just the first from the new collection of Marvel mugs that are coming soon.
As you can see from the pictures below, the box has an unique design. Even though it’s similar to Star Wars boxes, with each of them having the name of the mug specified, here are some things specific to this new release:
– the cover of the box has a distinctive shade of dark blue, while the box itself is red.… Read more