You Are Here Ornament – Canada

It happened – something we’ve been waiting desperately – Canadian YAH Ornaments. After a bunch of releases for Europe and Asia it was somewhat expected that Canadian YAH Ornaments are on their way, but you can never be sure with Starbucks mugs releases.
Alright, so the first in the category is Canada Ornament. No surprise it looks exactly like his bigger brother – Canada 2 YAH. This mug was already spotted in Vancouver and Calgary. Not sure about you, but I am heading to the nearest Starbucks store tomorrow to grab mine.… Read more

You Are Here – Cebu

Cebu YAH is the fifth from Philippines mugs expected to be released on February 7. I had no doubt about Cebu as there are multiple versions of Cebu Icon and Relief
Can’t wait to add a photo of this mug to the post.

Update: it was revealed through Starbucks Philippines Facebook page that indeed 5 YAHs will hit the stores on February 7. They even posted high quality pics of these mugs.
yah_cebu_backRead more

You Are Here – Makati

This is another rumored Philippines mug – Makati. Again, I don’t have the picture yet, but will add this to this post as soon as people share it on Facebook. Stay tuned!
Update 2017/02/05: we now have pics of this mug – coming from official Starbucks Philippines Facebook page.

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You Are Here – Quezon City

Here we go. The second YAH from Philippines series is revealed. Welcome Quezon City mug. To be fair, it’s not an official release, which will be on February 7th. I wonder how was someone able to get it though.

One really interesting detail I’ve noticed. Please see these two images side by side:


The first picture is the back of Quezon City YAH and the second is Cannes YAH. See how movie film roll is exactly the same? Did SB designers run out of ideas?… Read more

You Are Here – Philippines

There were some rumors about huge release of YAHs for Philippines. Some people said it will be up to 15 items released soon. While it sounded pretty exciting, all we could do was waiting. Well, it’s almost there, folks. Today we have a picture of the first YAH from Philippines to be released on February 7. We can assume that there will be more mugs released on the same day. Stay tuned guys. I will update the this page as we get more info.… Read more

You Are Here Disney – Hollywood Studios 2

It’s finally here. As it was expected, You Are Here Disney – Hollywood Studios 2 would be released after it’s smaller brother – YAH Ornament. Well, it was reported in some Facebook Groups that this long awaited mug is now available for sale in Disney Starbucks stores. Obviously the mug is a copy of Ornament, just bigger. Interesting fact – they now sell both new and old mugs side by side, so this is perfect moment to get the old one before it is discontinued.… Read more

You Are Here – Brussels

Year 2016 is not over, Starbucks tells us. The most recent release is the new YAH – Brussels, Belgium. Please note, this is a soft launch of 200 or something mugs, dedicated to a reopening of the Starbucks store in Brussels Airport. The second phase of the release is expected at the end of February, 2017. Stay tuned. … Read more

You Are Here – Budapest

Alright, a new mug from You Are Here series is coming from Europe. As you can see this is Budapest, which is the capital and the biggest city of Hungary. In the year 1873 three towns on the banks of the river River Danube (Buda, Ă“buda (Old Buda), and Pest) were merged together to form Budapest. These are sights from this city seen on the mug:
Buda Castle – is a historical palace completed in 1265 which is a part of the Budapest World Heritage Site
Millennium Underground Railway aka Line 1 (Budapest Metro) – is the oldest subway line in mainland Europe
Hungarian Parliament Building – one of Europe’s oldest legislative buildings and a popular tourist destination.… Read more

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