Unique mugs selection in Starbucks stores in Vietnam

Starbucks stores in Vietnam found themselves in a unique situation, where they can offer four different collections of mugs, ornaments, and demis, some of them 10 years apart between the releases. And I think this is great, it gives the customers an option to choose what they really like. They are not forced to only buy mugs from the latest collection as it happens in most other countries.
The picture below shows the display from the store in Nha Trang city. I’ve added numbers for you to better identify different collections presented on the display. They are as follows:
1) Relief
2) Icons
3) You Are Here
4) Been There
5) Icon demi mugs (3oz)
6) You Are Here Ornaments
7) Been There Ornaments

Which collection is your favorite and why? I would really appreciate it if you leave your reasons in the comments below the post.

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