Been There City Error Mugs

This is the post for all US Been There Cities with errors. For States with misprints, see this recent post.
Based on initial rumors, the following city mugs were expected, but had not been released along with other BTs: Boston, San Diego, Charlotte, Atlanta, Detroit and Los Angeles. Only two of them have been finally confirmed to be misprints, please see below. Please note, that even though San Diego is also out, there is no confirmation whether it is v1 or v2. It has been confirmed that San Diego was a misprint, see below.
Update from 2018-07-09: added Detroit and Atlanta
Update from 2018-07-10: added Charlotte


Los Angeles

“City of The Angels” instead of “City of Angels”



“Boston Commons” instead of “Boston Common”


San Diego

“Americas finest city in motion” instead of “America’s finest city”



“Chattahoochie river” has been replaced by “Сhattahoochee river”



“Startup city USA” has been replaced by two clouds.



“Tyron st.” and “Trader st.” instead of “Tryon st.” and “Trade st.”

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