Been There State Error Mugs

Since there was a lot of confusion around misprints found on Been There mugs, I believe it makes sense to consolidate all the information about them in one post.
Let me start with a little bit of history. We’ve seen misprints in the past. A very good example can be Montréal and Quebéc mugs, where the version with accent quickly replaced the one without accent. Those two mugs are pretty expensive now, but many collectors don’t consider this to be a different version and don’t even bother getting it.
Fast forward to Been There series and we see misprints again. And there are more than ever. Were BTs designed in a rush? Is there a quality control in place? How did it happen that misprints were only discovered in stores? Does Starbucks even care? It’s impossible to answer these without having insiders from the production team, so if you do have any information in regards to that, please leave a comment below.
So far, there are 6 State BT mugs with misprints confirmed. Below, you will see side-by-side pics of v1s and v2s for 5 of them (since Delaware v2 is not out yet). Louisiana has 2 misprints, hence 2 pics. Please also note, that Mississippi is delayed and there is a big chance it was a misprint as well. For BT cities with errors see this page.

03/28/2020 update: 2 years later, the last piece is here – Mississippi. There are 8 error state mugs in total. Enjoy!

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