Starbucks Been There Ornaments country of origin mug

Been There Ornaments – country of origin

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Not sure how important this information will be for most collectors, however, I feel obligated to bring this new interesting fact to your attention. If you collected Been There Ornaments from the very beginning, you probably noticed that all the US and Canada ornaments have a “Made in Thailand” label on the bottom. It was different, however, for some ornaments from Asia, like the Philippines, these were made in China. For instance, you can see Pennsylvania and Philippines ornaments side by side at the very top of the collage. Some might say, what is the big deal? While others can already see the difference in what the strings look like. The strings that come with ornaments that are made in China have a glossier look and have more threads, compared to strings coming from Thailand. I didn’t attach too much importance to this fact, till recently. It was brought to my attention that Starbucks has switched the country of production for all ornaments it seems. As you can see on the collage below, new ornaments for the US are coming from China and have that distinctive new look of the string. I do understand that it won’t bother most collectors, however, I am glad I have all of the US states already, all made in Thailand. Just for the sake of the consistency, you know.
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