Discovery Series – California

Starbucks Discovery Series – California is a fresh release for The Golden State. California, a state nestled along the western shores of the United States, boasts a captivating history with an intriguing origin for its name. The term “California” is believed to have originated from a 16th-century Spanish novel featuring a mythical island named “California.” Officially designated in 1846 during the Mexican–American War, California gained prominence during the mid-19th century Gold Rush, drawing fortune seekers from around the world. Today, it stands as a beacon of innovation, cultural diversity, and natural beauty, with its stunning landscapes ranging from sun-drenched beaches to majestic redwood forests.… Read more

Been There – San Diego State

Starbucks Been There – San Diego State University mug is the second out of four that were planned so far as a part of “Campus Collection” (sub-set of Been There Series).
SDSU is a public research university founded in 1897 as San Diego Normal School and is now accepting around 25k students per year. The front of the mug is featuring Hepner Hall, the iconic academic building in the center of SDSU’s campus. The same building can also be seen on the University’s official logo.… Read more

Been There Christmas – California

Yet another Christmas Edition mug, Starbucks Been There Christmas California has been revealed by a generous collector. Like I’ve mentioned before, Starbucks is “hiding” a small cup in each Been There design. In case of Christmas mugs, that cup is red, making it the only colored element from the whole mug! For California Gold, this particular detail can be seen on the front.… Read more

Been There Ornament – California

Here’s The Golden State, Starbucks Been There Ornament California. The reason for this nickname is the discovery of gold in 1848 which had a dramatic effect on California’s economy, allowing it to grow rapidly from ex-Mexican territory, to becoming a free state of US in 1950. Unfortunately there was also the downside of this. Whole indigenous societies were attacked and pushed off their lands by the gold-seekers, called “forty-niners” (referring to 1849, the peak year for Gold Rush immigration).
I can also see a giant surf board and an ocean wave since surfing is very popular water-sport in California.… Read more

Been There – San Francisco

I continue adding BT city mugs found in stores. Starbucks Been There San Francisco mug is one of the latest finds. As you can see, Golden Gate Bridge is obviously on the front. What else? Let me add all sides of the mug and review it.… Read more

Been There – Los Angeles

I find new Starbucks Been There Los Angeles mug amazingly appealing. I think blue and orange look very good together and this mug has it all.
Update from 2018-05-21: looks like it was BT LA version 1. See this side-by-side comparison:
Read more

You Are Here – Disneyland 3 Adventureland

I was under impression, that with the release of BT collection Starbucks made it clear, that no new YAH mugs will be released for US. You can call me naive, but I thought I’ve figured it this time! Nope, Starbucks has it’s own way to keep us in shape! Why? Because they have just released Starbucks You Are Here Disneyland Adventureland. Technically this is the third version of the Disneyland mug. It doesn’t actually say “Adventureland” on the mug, but we can see it is dedicated to this particular Land:
– Singing parrots and tree for Enchanted Tiki Room – a pseudo-Polynesian themed musical animatronic show
– Boat for Jungle Cruise – a simulation of a riverboat cruise down several major rivers of Asia, Africa and South America
Not sure about that mountain though.… Read more

Been There – California

Starbucks Been There California mug is another fresh release for this hot season. The red color is dominating here.

The full review is pending, meanwhile here’s a quick interesting fact about the California State flag:

The inclusion of “California Republic” on the flag of California reflects a significant historical period known as the Bear Flag Revolt of 1846. During this uprising, American settlers in California, discontent with Mexican rule, declared California an independent republic. The flag they raised, featuring a grizzly bear and a red star, came to symbolize this brief period of autonomy.… Read more

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