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Disneyland Hong Kong – World of Frozen

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The exciting news is coming from Hong Kong Disneyland, as the brand-new Been There – World of Frozen mug has just been spotted in the park’s “Market House”. This mug looks very similar to the Arendelle mug that was released not so long ago, and I will write a separate post comparing these two mugs soon. Stay tuned!

As for the World of Frozen,  it is a magical themed land that transports visitors into the heart of Arendelle, the kingdom from Disney’s beloved Frozen franchise. This enchanting land, which opened its doors on November 20, 2023, is located at Hong Kong Disneyland and is the world’s first Frozen-themed land.
The land is set in the timeline after the events of the Frozen movies and before Frozen II, during a period of peace and prosperity in the kingdom of Arendelle. Queen Elsa has declared a Summer Snow Day, inviting all to partake in the kingdom’s merriment. The design of World of Frozen meticulously recreates the charming Nordic-inspired architecture and breathtaking landscapes seen in the films. Visitors can explore key locations from the story, including the royal castle, the quaint village, and the majestic mountains that set the backdrop for Elsa’s icy adventures. The land promises an immersive experience with detailed thematic elements, including sparkling snow and ice features, lush greenery, and whimsical touches that reflect the magic of Arendelle. Visitors can also enjoy a range of dining options and shops offering Frozen-themed merchandise.

Please note that Hong Kong Disneyland is not the only Disney park to feature the World of Frozen Land. Other Disney parks have or are planning to introduce their own versions of Frozen-themed areas:

– Tokyo DisneySea, part of the Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan, opened a new Frozen-themed area called “Frozen Kingdom” on June 6, 2024. This expansion is a part of the larger Fantasy Springs project, which also includes areas based on “Tangled” and “Peter Pan.”

– Located in Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios Park also plans to introduce a Frozen-themed land. This expansion is part of a multi-year transformation of the park, which aims to bring more immersive experiences to guests.

These upcoming attractions are expected to offer similar immersive experiences, with unique rides, dining, and entertainment that capture the magic of the Frozen films. Each park aims to create a unique and enchanting experience that aligns with its own distinct style and audience preferences.

Will these get their version of the mug? Everything is possible! Stay tuned for more news.

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