Starbucks Been There Disney Arendelle mug

Been There Disney – Arendelle

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Been There Disney – Arendelle mug was released earlier this year and is dedicated to a fictional kingdom that serves as the main setting for Disney’s animated film “Frozen” and its sequel “Frozen II.” Created by Disney, Arendelle is a Nordic-inspired kingdom with elements reminiscent of Scandinavian and Norwegian landscapes and architecture. The story revolves around the relationship between two royal sisters, Elsa and Anna, and their adventures as they navigate challenges related to Elsa’s magical ice powers. The franchise has gained widespread popularity, and Arendelle has become synonymous with the Frozen universe, capturing the imagination of audiences around the world.

Here are some additional “facts” about Arendelle:
– The name “Arendelle” is believed to be inspired by the town of Arendal, located in Norway. Additionally, the landscape and architecture of Arendelle in the movie are influenced by several Norwegian cities, including Bergen and Oslo.
– In the film, Arendelle is depicted as a picturesque kingdom with a grand castle, lush surroundings, and a fjord landscape. The iconic castle in Arendelle is said to have been inspired by Akershus Fortress in Oslo, with its brick patterns and green peaked roofs.
– While Arendelle itself is a fictional creation, the popularity of the “Frozen” franchise has led to real-life places being associated with the kingdom. For example, the village of Hallstatt in Austria has seen an influx of tourists due to its resemblance to the fictional Arendelle.

The design of the mug is for obvious reasons is using the shades of blue and violet and depicts the movies locations and beloved characters:
– Elsa, the Snow Queen, is one of the central characters in “Frozen.” Blessed with magical ice powers from a young age, Elsa struggles to conceal her abilities, inadvertently plunging her kingdom, Arendelle, into an eternal winter. Throughout the story, Elsa undergoes a profound journey of self-discovery, learning to embrace her powers and the importance of familial bonds.

– Anna, Elsa’s younger sister, is the epitome of optimism and warmth. Determined to mend the rift between herself and Elsa, Anna embarks on a perilous journey to bring back summer to Arendelle. Her unwavering love and resilience are at the heart of the story, portraying a tale of sisterhood and the enduring power of love.

– Olaf, the lovable snowman brought to life by Elsa’s magic, is a charming and comedic character. Despite his initial creation as a sidekick, Olaf’s innocence and childlike curiosity make him an endearing presence in the film. His comical observations about the world around him provide moments of levity amidst the film’s more serious themes.

– Kristoff, an ice harvester with a rugged exterior but a kind heart, becomes an unexpected ally to Anna on her quest. Raised by the reindeer Sven, Kristoff brings a unique perspective to the group. His evolving relationship with Anna adds a touch of romance to the story, complementing the film’s overarching themes of love and acceptance.

– Sven is Kristoff’s loyal and lovable reindeer companion. He is not just a pet but also a trusted friend and confidant. Sven communicates with Kristoff through gestures and sounds, adding a touch of humor and charm to their interactions. Sven’s unwavering loyalty and gentle nature make him an integral part of Kristoff’s journey and a beloved character in the “Frozen” franchise.

The box for this mug has an unique design (see below), so it is advisable that you keep it.

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