Starbucks Been There Arizona mug

Been There – Arizona

Yet another leaked photo of the mug from the new series – Been There – Arizona. Again we see pretty busy design completed using orange to red patterns.
What was the inspiration for the artist here? Only seeing a small portion of the mug surface we can identify: Saguaro (tree-like cactus species), snake, canyon from Red Rock State Park (city of Sedona) and air balloon.
There is definitely much more from the mug to discover. Stay tuned for more info!
Update from March 20, 2018:
We now have a better picture of the mug. This is the front of it, while the old pic showed the other side. Although it looks like saguaro and other elements are there, we can’t say for sure that the design hasn’t changed like it happened to Texas.  I will keep the old picture inside of the post for future reference.

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