Starbucks Been There Texas mug

Been There – Texas

If you remember my first post about the new collection coming, I used the blurry image of the Texas mug, since it was the only one we had available. Well, here it is, the real photo of Starbucks Been There Texas mug. I want you to compare these two images side-by-side:
Do you see the difference? That’s right, they rearranged the elements on the mug. Does it mean there was the last minute change before the release? Or there was the pre-production version which never got to stores? The latter would become a mega rare BT mug. In numismatics it is called “mule” (a coin or medal minted with obverse and reverse designs not normally seen on the same piece). Just imagine that.
For now I will assume this is fake news and review the newly released mug (actually not now but soon!).

Did you like this mug?
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