Starbucks Been There Canada’s Wonderland mug

Been There – Canada’s Wonderland

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Been There – Canada’s Wonderland is a mug for Canada’s largest amusement park, which is located near Toronto. It took two years to build the park and it was opened to the public in May 1981. Canada’s Wonderland has the third highest amount of coasters (seventeen) in a single park, right behind Six Flags Magic Mountain in the US and Poland’s Energylandia respectively.
Here are some of the elements of the design, featuring attractions and sections of the park:
– the front of the mug shows the main entrance to the park with the Canadian Flag flowerbed, fountains, and Wonder Mountain with a huge waterfall. Here’s an interesting fact, the centerpiece of the park was supposed to be a replica of Paris’s famous Eiffel Tower, however, designers decided to use Wonder Mountain instead.
– Swing of the Century – a classic family ride. It is a part of the 26 original rides found in the park at the opening.
– WindSeeker – a 301-foot-tall swing ride that was added to the parc in 2011
– the red dragon refers to the Dragon Fyre, which is a steel roller coaster. It is one of the oldest in the park, debuting at the park’s opening.
– Yukon Striker (on the back) is the world’s tallest, longest, and fastest dive steel coaster. The name “dive” comes from the distinctive feature of the ride, a near-vertical drop that provides a moment of free-falling for passengers. Here are some other params of the ride: height – 223 ft(68m), length – 3,625 ft(1105 m), and the maximum speed – 81 mph (130km/h).
Canada’s Wonderland is also home to Splash Works, a water park with a number of rides and attractions. It was opened in 1992 and features the largest outdoor wave pool in Canada.

Please be aware, that the box is orange and not blue. This is similar to other mugs from subseries “Pin Drop Collection”

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