Starbucks Been There Costa Rica mug

Been There – Costa Rica

Starbucks Been There – Costa Rica mug is fully dedicated to wildlife and nature of this country.
– Guarianthe Skinneri or also know as Guaria Moradais in Costa Rica is a species of orchid. As per the Lankester Botanical Garden, there are 1,400 species of orchid in Costa Rica, 20 percent of which are only found there. This is maybe why it is the national flower of the country.
– There is Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, which is probably one of the best places to view and study these incredible animals.
– There are at least six different species of toucans in Costa Rica: Fiery-billed, Keel-billed Toucan, Yellow-throated Toucan, Aracari, Collared Aracari, Yellow-eared Toucan, and Emerald Toucanet. You can see one on the side of the mug.
Interesting enough there is not just one but two Hammerhead Sharks on the sides of the mug. I believe it is supposed to emphasize the popularity of scuba diving in Costa Rica. This region is well known for many types of these Sharks and a must-visit destination for divers from all around the world.
Designers have placed a waterfall on the back of the mug, but there are many so many in Costa Rica, that I am not exactly sure which one is that.

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