Starbucks Been There Disney Disneyland 2 mug

Been There Disney – Disneyland 2

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Here’s Been There Disney – Disneyland v2 that continues the second wave of the Disney releases. Similar to Hollywood Studios v2 and Animal Kingdom v2, it’s more than just the new design of the mug that we see, the box has some changes as well:
– the top of the cover has “Disneyland Resort” logo instead of Disney Parks as seen on the previous version
– there is a legend of all the elements from the mug on the side of the cover of the box. I do assume that most of the Disneyland visitors would be able to guess all of those no problem, but it is always a good idea to have a cheat sheet by hand. Honestly, I wish they had this for all Been There mugs, as it is sometimes very hard to identify what did designers use as inspiration.
– the bottom part of the box has a gold color, which seems to beсame the standard for all the Disney mugs.

With these changes in place, it is now more important than ever to not through the box away when buying the mug for your collection. Each box is unique and adds value, should you decide to sell it later.

Here’s the list of all the points of attraction and symbols listed:
1. Citrus Swirl is a frozen orange juice slushy and vanilla soft-serve ice cream mix. I believe you can only get this at Magic Kingdom, which raises the concern about the mistake that designers made. Correct me in the comments, please.
2. Churros – sweet soft-and-chewy inside with a crispy outer layer are available at Churro Carts in multiple locations around the park
3. The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh is a dark ride that allows you to enjoy your favorite songs and scenes from Winnie the Pooh
4. Mainstreet U.S.A. Train Station is one of the four stations of Disneyland Railroad. Trains arrive every 5 to 10 minutes and travel clockwise around the park.
5. Casey JR Circus Train is a ridable miniature railroad that gives a tour of scenes from Disney animated films
7. Mad Tea Party is a spinning teacup ride inspired by the Unbirthday Party scene from Alice in Wonderland.
8. Abominable Snowman Popcorn Turner – a miniature Matterhorn’s Snowman, turning the popcorn canister inside the popcorn cart. You can find him near Matterhorn Bobsleds rides.
9. The Haunted Mansion is a dark ride that guides visitors through a haunted manor with “999 happy haunts”.
10. Matterhorn Trashcan is one of many custom garbage cans that Disney Parks have
11. The Haunted Mansion Gargoyle can be found in the stretching room of the Mansion, lighting the way for visitors. You can also buy one as a souvenir to bring back home with you.
12. Disneyland Monorail is a transportation system with only two stations, one in Tomorrowland, and another in the Downtown Disney District. When opened, it was the first permanently operating monorail system in the Western Hemisphere.
13. Nemo Submarine Voyage features submarine-shaped boats sailing through Submarine Lagoon, past animatronic sea life, with the guests actually seating below the waterline.
14. Mad Tea Party Lanterns are decorations from the spinning teacup ride inspired by the Unbirthday Party scene in Walt Disney’s Alice In Wonderland. It is operating in the park since July 17, 1955
15. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is one of Disney’s classic dark rides. There’s a big chance this ride will be replaced soon by something else.
16. “it’s a small world” is a water-based dark ride that features over 300 Audio-Animatronics dolls in traditional costumes from cultures around the world. This is a must-visit attraction.
17. Indiana Jones’ Adventure is the park’s masterpiece that represents the combination of motion simulator and dark track ride.
18. Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room – Tiki (drummer) from a short show featuring musical songbirds and catchy tunes
19. Pirates of The Caribbean – Parrot – officially – the Barker Bird is a character from the attraction of the same name.
20. Mickey Ice Cream Bar is an iconic Mickey Mouse-shaped treat, a must-try dessert when in the park.
21. Astro Orbitor is a rocket-spinner attraction with rocket-ships traveling through space by spinning around planets and satellites
22. Sleeping Beauty Castle is a symbol of the park, located in its center. While its height is only 77 feet, it appears taller thanks to forced perspective, that’s when higher elements are made smaller than the ones at the lower levels.
23. Millennium Falcon from Smugglers Run, a motion simulator attraction, based on the Star Wars film series
24. Droid Depot is an assembly line where you can build your own custom droid to take with you.
25. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Batuu is the park’s area, with two attractions (Smugglers Run and Rise of the Resistance) and multiple restaurants and shops.
26. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters is a combination of a shooting gallery and a dark ride

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