Starbucks Been There Mississippi 3 mug

Been There – Mississippi 3

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While the new mugs keep coming regularly, Starbucks continues revising its existing inventory by releasing updated versions of some of its Been There mugs. In a way, it became a hallmark of this series. Yes, we’ve seen some YAHs updated, but all those were exceptions caused by some legal reasons. And of course, that doesn’t apply to Disney YAHs, which we’ve seen plenty of.

Alright, so, Starbucks Been There – Mississippi 3 is the updated version of the previously released mug. See the v2 and v3 side by side below.

The new release can be easily identified by the steamboat on the front. Historically, Paddlewheel Steamboats played a significant role in transportation and commerce along the Mississippi River. The wheel at the back, also known as a paddlewheel, was a distinctive feature of these boats, providing propulsion by churning water as it turned. Steamboats were crucial for navigating the Mississippi River and its tributaries, facilitating trade, transportation of goods and people, and contributing to the economic development of the region during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Another distinctive feature of the new release is that the bass fish is now right below the title of the mug.  Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) is the state fish of Mississippi. This iconic freshwater species inhabits the state’s numerous rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Renowned among anglers for its size and fighting spirit, the largemouth bass holds a special place in Mississippi’s rich fishing culture and contributes significantly to the state’s recreational fisheries economy.

Designers also removed the cotton branch from the mug. It probably makes sense, cause cotton may not be as dominant in Mississippi’s economy as it once was. It is worth mentioning that it still holds cultural significance, and cotton farming remains an important industry in the state.

Other small changes include moving the guitar to the right of the title and repositioning the teddy bear, and refreshing drinks with straws. Last, but not least is the transformation of the Starbucks latte cup into a tall reusable coffee cup.

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