Starbucks Been There Mississippi 2 mug

Been There – Mississippi 2

The release of this mug was definitely delayed, but today, the 50th state has revealed its design. Please note, Starbucks Been There Mississippi is probably an error (misprint) mug since it came out much later than other states. Unfortunately, I don’t have any proof of that, but I secretly hope someone got it (either from manufacturer or store staff) and will show to the world sooner or later. From first glance, it seems the mug is dedicated to wildlife. Let’s wait for other sides to have the full picture. Stay tuned.
Update from 03/07/2020: it was confirmed that there was indeed Mississippi V1 and the mug below is indeed V2. The changes include:
– Jambalaya is gone (since that’s Louisiana-origin dish)
– “Old Man River” became “Mississippi River”
– “The Bayou State” nickname, which in fact belongs to Louisiana, became “The Hospitality State”
Here’s the post with all error mugs, where you can also see Mississippi v1 and v2 side by side, for you convenience.

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