Starbucks Been There Montana mug

Been There – Montana

Another Starbucks Been There Mug – Montana. This is only the back of the mug and it’s too early to identify elements of the design, but it’s clear that it will be dedicated to wonders of nature and wildlife, which Montana is famous of. Will just mention Flathead Lake – one of the largest natural freshwater lakes by surface area in US. Stay tuned, better pics are yet to come.

Update from 2018-05-12:
This was one of the first BT mugs I’ve posted at The initial picture was blurry render from the Starbucks brochure intended for internal use. Today, thanks to a collector (see credits watermark), we can finally enjoy real life photos of this mug. Looks like it was available in stores for a fraction of time, before pulled from shelves as an error mug. That’s right, this is actually Starbucks Been There Montana v1 and you can’t buy it in stores anymore. The misprint is on the front of the mug, where it says “Bitteroot”, while it should be Bitterroot – the name of a small perennial herb.
Here’s the collage of all sides:

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