Starbucks Been There Nevada 2 mug

Been There – Nevada 2

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The moment I saw Been There – Nevada v2 mug photo I thought it was just some issue with its color balance. The mug was not supposed to be blue, but rather red and orange. Just to be sure, I’ve compared this photo with the pictures of the Nevada mug from this post. Well, what do you know, it turned out to be the new, v2 version! Check out the comparison picture below. The first thing we see on the front of the mug is that the bird has changed. I am not exactly sure what the names of these birds are and if you do, please leave a comment below. The situation with Nevada’s official animal is a little bit better. The way I see it, they tried to depict Desert bighorn sheep in both cases (you can see it on the side of the mug). I think there is no doubt it looks better on the second version of the mug.
Other, rather subtle changes, include:
– the UFO next to the bird became bigger
– the horse and the clouds saw some rearrangement
– the small Starbucks cup gave place to Starbucks reusable cup or maybe a tumbler

Overall, I like this update, but I am also excited to know what you do guys think about it. Please, leave a comment below the post.

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