Starbucks Been There Ornament Michigan mug

Been There Ornament – Michigan

This is Starbucks Been There Ornament Michigan and here’s what we see on the front of this mini mug:
– The flag of the state of Michigan was adopted on August 1, 1911. Btw, there is a bill in progress to replace the flag with the new design.
– The gentle painted turtle was designated the official state reptile of Michigan in 1995, after a group of Niles fifth-graders discovered that Michigan did not have a state reptile
– Cherries – as production of this fruit is a major part of the agriculture industry of the state. Worth noting, that Michigan is the leading producer of tart cherries in US. The Montmorency cherry is the variety of tart, or sour, cherry most commonly grown in the state.
– Eastern white pine was designated as the official state tree in 1955 as a symbol of Michigan’s rich logging history
– White-tailed deer has been the state game mammal since 1995 thanks to fourth graders from Zeeland, Michigan.
– Yooper is a native or inhabitant of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This region has it’s own dialect, characterized by finish influence.

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