Been There Ornament – North Dakota

Here’s probably one of the hard to get BTOs, due to the remoteness of the state – Starbucks Been There Ornament North Dakota. The string is orange and the whole mug is designed using red and orange palette. Here are the visual details:
– The Peace Garden State – the official nickname of North Dakota. It was initially placed on licensed plates in 1956 and later officially adopted by the state.
– American bison and beaver – parts of NDs wildlife.
– Prairie rose is NDs official flower. There are three distinct species: the Rosa Blanda, Arkansana, and Pratincula.
– hay roll (bale), honey and honey bee – cause North Dakota is the nation’s number one producer of spring wheat (nearly half the nation’s total), durum wheat, sunflower, barley, oats, lentils, honey, edible beans, canola and flax seed.

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