Starbucks Been There Ornament Utah mug

Been There Ornament – Utah

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Here is Starbucks Been There Ornament Utah with red string. From the front of the mug:
– The Great Salt Lake – is the largest salt water lake in North America. It’s size fluctuates significantly though, due to its shallowness. Interesting to know, that it is a remnant of Lake Bonneville, a much larger lake, existed 16000 years ago.
– Dinosaur National Monument – located on the border of Utah and Colorado. Here, many fossils are embedded in a sloping rock formation that was once a sandbar on the edge of a large river. As the river carried animal carcasses downstream, many became stuck on the sandbar, which eventually turned to rock. As a result, fossils from hundreds of creatures are concentrated in a small area. Many fossilized bones have been partially exposed but left intact in the rock where they can be easily seen. A building was constructed over the area, which is now known as “The Quarry” at the monument.
– Sego lily – state flower
– The Wasatch Mountains – part of the Rocky Mountains – with Mount Nebo being the highest peak at 11,933 feet
– Delicate Arch – a 60ft tall freestanding natural arch located in Arches National Park near Moab. It is the state icon that graces some license plates

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