Starbucks Been There Puerto Rico mug

Been There – Puerto Rico

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With the release of Starbucks Been There Puerto Rico mug, we leave US and Canada behind and move into exploring the rest of the Americas. That’s right, with the introduction of the Been There Series, we are going to see the return of Caribbean and South American mugs. As a reminder, there were multiple Icons released for those regions, but no YAHs. I want to think this is Starbucks meeting the wishes of the collectors and I consider this a positive sign.
As for the new mug, it was designed using red colors. Here are some elements I was able to identify:
– Puerto Rican amazon – is a predominantly green parrot with a red forehead and white rings around the eyes. It is the only remaining native parrot in Puerto Rico and has been listed as critically endangered by the World Conservation Union since 1994
– Flor de maga – Puerto Rico’s national flower is closely related to hibiscus, but unlike the common hibiscus the maga is a saucer-sized flower and grows on a large tree.
– The pava is a straw hat made out of the leaves of the Puerto Rican hat palm.
– The Cemi Museum (Museo El Cemi, in Spanish) in Jayuya is a visitor center for the area and a showcase of Taino artifacts (weird shaped building on the back of the mug).
– Common coquí – a frog specific to Puerto Rico. It is named so because of the loud “Co-kee! Co-kee!” call the males make at night.

Here are all the sides of the mug:

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