Starbucks Been There Sacramento mug

Been There – Sacramento

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Here’s the brand new mug – Been There Sacramento. It seems that Starbucks will be releasing mugs for more and more US cities, which is great. The design of this mug is using a color palette similar to the San Francisco mug and is featuring many points of interest and landmarks of the city.
I would like to mention one of the symbols of Sacramento, which is its nickname – the “City of Trees”. Indeed, the city has above average number of trees per capita when compared with other major cities in the United States and the world. And it was not always like that, in fact, this area didn’t have too many trees, till the 1800s, when cottonwood trees and then eucalyptus were planted in order to try to dry out swampland. These were followed by locust trees, willows, elms, and even palm trees. It is the London plane that is now the dominant species in the area. Mckinley, William Land, and Fairytale Town are probably the top three Sacramento parks to visit when coming to the city.
It’s worth mentioning, that the “City of Trees” was painted on the city water tower till 2017 when it was replaced with the “America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital” slogan (which is also depicted on the mug). After numerous complaints from the citizens, it was agreed to keep both slogans on the tower.

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