Been There – Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Starbucks Been There – Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the only city mug from Bolivia, with no country mug released so far. This city is the largest in Bolivia being its principal industrial center. It first founded in 1561 by Spanish explorer Ñuflo de Chavez. Interestingly enough, the location of the city has been moved several times since then (125 miles in total to the west).
Designers used a green palette for the design of the mug, which reflects the colors of the flag of the city – two green stripes divided by a white stripe. This flag can be seen on the front of the mug.
I could not, unfortunately, find any references to the giant sombrero that we on the front as well. Is this a possible designer mistake? I would rather them place a bowler hat (Bombín), which became a distinctive element of the traditional dress worn by cholitas, indigenous Aymara and Quechua women.
The mask on the back of the mug is probably related to International Theater Festival “Santa Cruz de la Sierra” which is held every odd year and has become the largest theatrical event in the country.

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