Starbucks Been There Vietnam mug

Been There – Vietnam

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Something special has finally happened. We knew it was just a matter of time till Starbucks expands Been There Series beyond the Americas. Well, this time has come on Friday with the release of the first Asian BT mug and ornament. It is this Been There Vietnam mug that has been chosen for this role in particular. The box it comes with is of the same light blue color as we’re used to. As a nice touch, you can also buy it in a special gift box, which, along with the mug, includes a card and coffee filter (see the photo below).
The mug itself was designed with the green color prevailing. I believe it was supposed to symbolize the rich vegetation of the country. On the other hand, this color doesn’t seem to be very popular in Vietnam, let me know in the comments.
The front of the mug showcases:
– Ba Be National Park which consists of the beautiful lakes surrounded by karst peaks and thickly forested slopes. Most of the tourists come here to take a boat ride along the lakes, which will offer stunning views guaranteed. But if you feel more adventurous, hiking along the park’s trails is definitely something to try.
– Lotus, which is Vietnam’s National Flower. If you come to this country during the blooming season, you will definitely come across a pond or a lake filled with these flowers.
– Crane – there are 3 species of these birds in Vietnam (out of 15 worldwide)
– Street food cart symbolizes a vast variety of street food which is the heart and soul of Vietnam and many other Southeast Asian countries. Simple and uncomplicated food will certainly find its way into your heart.
– Long Bien Bridge was built betwen 1899 and 1902 across Red River and connects Hoan Kiem District and Long Bien District of Hanoi. The bridge was repaired and reinforced in 2002 and is now used for trains, motorbikes, bicycles and pedestrians only.

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