Starbucks Discovery Series Canada mug

Discovery Series – Canada

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I include a picture of the box together with the newly released Discovery Series Canada mug to emphasize one particularity of the Discovery mugs from Canada, namely the typo on the cover of the box. I am sure this will be fixed soon, so if you want to keep this piece of Starbucks memorabilia, I suggest you don’t wait for too long and get them rather sooner than later.

Compared to some other Discovery mugs, Discovery Series Canada has quite a few symbols and landmarks (I counted fifteen). Here are some of them that didn’t make it to the ornament that I’ve reviewed earlier:

– The moose is one of Canada’s most iconic animals, symbolizing the vast wilderness and rugged terrain of the country. Standing up to six feet tall at the shoulder and weighing as much as 1,500 pounds, the moose is the largest member of the deer family. These majestic creatures are commonly found in the forests of every Canadian province, making them a quintessential representation of the nation’s rich natural heritage. Their antlers, which can span up to six feet, are a striking feature and are often depicted in Canadian art and culture.

– Hockey is not just a sport in Canada; it is a national obsession and a key element of the country’s cultural identity. Known as Canada’s national winter sport, hockey has deep roots in Canadian history, with the first recorded game taking place in Montreal in 1875. The game is played and watched passionately from the smallest of towns to the largest cities, with children often learning to skate and play almost as soon as they can walk. The fervor surrounding iconic events like the Stanley Cup playoffs and international competitions such as the Winter Olympics underscores hockey’s importance in uniting Canadians.

– The maple leaf is perhaps the most recognizable symbol of Canada, prominently featured on the national flag. It represents the natural beauty of Canada’s vast landscapes and the maple tree’s significance in the country’s history and economy. Maple syrup, derived from the sap of these trees, is a traditional Canadian product beloved around the world. The red maple leaf symbolizes the unity, tolerance, and peacefulness that Canada stands for, making it a powerful emblem both domestically and internationally.

– The Parliament Building in Ottawa is a striking symbol of Canadian democracy and political history. Located on Parliament Hill, the Gothic Revival structure is home to the House of Commons and the Senate. The iconic Peace Tower, standing at the center, offers a panoramic view of the city and commemorates Canadians who have served in military conflicts. Visitors are often awed by the architectural grandeur and historical significance of the building, which hosts important national ceremonies and is a focal point of Canadian governance.

– The Stetson Hat worn by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is a distinctive symbol of Canadian law enforcement. Known as the “Mountie Hat,” this piece of headgear is part of the iconic red serge uniform and represents the tradition, honor, and service of the RCMP. The hat’s broad brim and high crown are not only practical for outdoor duties but also instantly recognizable around the world. The RCMP, with its storied history and commitment to maintaining law and order, is a source of national pride, and the Mountie Hat epitomizes the respect and trust Canadians place in their police force.

– The Canada Goose is a migratory bird that has become an emblem of Canadian wildlife. Known for their distinctive black heads and necks, white cheek patches, and honking calls, these birds are a common sight across the country. Their V-shaped flight formation during migration is a spectacular natural event, symbolizing teamwork and endurance. Canada geese are also known for their adaptability, thriving in both urban and rural environments, and their presence is a reminder of the country’s rich biodiversity and commitment to conservation.

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