Discovery Series – Canada

I include a picture of the box together with the newly released Discovery Series Canada mug to emphasize one particularity of the Discovery mugs from Canada, namely the typo on the cover of the box. I am sure this will be fixed soon, so if you want to keep this piece of Starbucks memorabilia, I suggest you don’t wait for too long and get them rather sooner than later.

Compared to some other Discovery mugs, Discovery Series Canada has quite a few symbols and landmarks (I counted fifteen).… Read more

Discovery Series Ornament – Canada

If you follow my blog, you probably remember this post where I pointed out the grammatical error on the cover of the Niagara Falls mug. The newly released Discovery Series Ornament – Canada has this error too, but I am sure Starbucks will fix that soon.

As for the design of the new ornament, here are the symbols of Canada that we see in it:

– The beaver is one of the most enduring symbols of Canada, representing the country’s dynamic and hardworking spirit.… Read more

First Discovery Series Canadian mug – First typo

Here is the photo of the Niagara Falls mug, the first mug from the Discovery Series that will be sold in both the USA and Canada. There was one detail in the writing on the cover of the box that felt weird, the moment I looked at it. The grammatically correct French spelling for the word “Discovery” should be “Découverte”, with the accent on the first “e” rather than the second one. So yes, what you see is the first typo found in the new Discovery Series.… Read more