Starbucks Discovery Series Disney Disneyland Park mug

Discovery Series Disney – Disneyland Park

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It all started with Discovery Series Disney – Disneyland Park it seems. It was the first mug from the new series that was spotted earlier this week. Here are the symbols and attractions from the park that inspired the Starbucks designers:
– Sleeping Beauty Castle, standing majestically at the heart of Disneyland, is a symbol of enchantment and magic. Inspired by the fairy tale and Disney’s iconic animated film, the castle serves as the centerpiece of the park, welcoming visitors to a realm of imagination and wonder.
– Mickey Ice Cream Bar is an iconic Mickey Mouse-shaped treat, a must-try dessert when in the park.
– The Mickey Mouse hat is an famous symbol of Disney magic and whimsy. This beloved accessory, featuring the unmistakable silhouette of Mickey’s ears, instantly brings a smile to the faces of Disney fans young and old. Whether it’s a classic black hat with red shorts or a vibrant, themed variation, wearing a Mickey Mouse hat is a playful way to express one’s love for the world of Disney.
– The Haunted Mansion is a dark ride that guides visitors through a haunted manor with “999 happy haunts”. It beckons brave souls to embark on a ghostly journey through a mysterious and eerie estate. Nestled in New Orleans Square, this iconic attraction seamlessly blends chilling narratives with clever illusions.
– Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a thrilling attraction situated in Frontierland, invites adventurers to embark on a high-speed journey through a whimsical and wild mining town. This iconic roller coaster, affectionately known as the “wildest ride in the wilderness,” combines exhilarating twists, turns, and drops with the immersive storytelling that Disney is renowned for. Set against a stunning desert landscape, riders board runaway mine trains, careening through dark tunnels and past dynamic scenes of mining mayhem.
– Matterhorn Bobsleds, stands tall as a thrilling alpine adventure inspired by the famous Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland. Nestled in Fantasyland, this roller coaster takes riders on a high-speed journey through icy caverns and around the snowy slopes of the majestic peak. With its dual tracks, unexpected twists, and turns, Matterhorn Bobsleds provide an exhilarating experience for guests seeking a mix of speed and fantasy.
– The Barker Bird on the back of the mug refers to Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean, a legendary dark ride that plunges visitors into a captivating world of swashbuckling adventure and pirate lore. Located in New Orleans Square, the attraction immerses guests in a carefully crafted environment, featuring intricate sets and realistic animatronics. As guests board their boat, they sail through dimly lit tunnels, encountering scenes of pirates engaging in mischief, pillaging, and searching for hidden treasures.

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