Starbucks Icon Sabah 2 mug

Icon – Sabah 2

I thought Starbucks is going to stick to the nice number of 444 mugs for the Icon collection, however, the company decided to surprise us with the release of two new Malaysian Icons. Here is the first one from the pair – Starbucks Icon – Sabah v2.
Sabah is a state in the north of Borneo Island, Malaysia. Kota Kinabalu is the capital city, the economic center, and the seat of the state government.
The flower on the front of the mug is Rafflesia, a parasitic flowering plant, which has no stems, leaves, or roots. Instead, it is spreading its absorptive organ, inside the tissue of the host-vine. Interestingly enough, the smell of the flower is awful and reminds the rotten flesh. That attracts insects such as flies, which transport pollen from male to female flowers.

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