Starbucks Star Wars Been There Bespin mug

Star Wars Been There – Bespin

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Star Wars Been There – Bespin mug has also been released today and is available for the purchase in the Disney Shop online.
In the Star Wars Universe, Bespin is a gas giant with a thin layer of breathable atmosphere a.k.a. the “Life Zone”. The planet is the source of Tiabana gas which is used in hyperdrives and starship weaponry. As the support for the mining industry, several mining complexes float above the planet within “Life Zone”. Cloud City is one of them, you can see it on the front and the back of the mug.
Bespin makes its first appearance in the “Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back” as the place where Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa expect to hide from Empire and repair the Millennium Falcon’s hyperdrive (the ship can be seen on the front of the mug). Unfortunately, they were betrayed and imprisoned. Darth Vader used them to lure Luke Skywalker to Bespin. Han Solo was later frozen into carbonite (see the rectangular case on the side of the mug) and handed over to Boba Fett (one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy). Fett’s helmet and starship can be seen to the left of the mug’s title.
Meanwhile, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker have a fight in the carbon-freezing chamber during which the Sith Lord struck off Luke’s hand, and revealed a terrible secret. “No, I am your father” is probably one of the most iconic lines in film history. Designers of the mug chose to shorten the quote, I really hope it’s not going to cause any fans backlash.
Let’s not forget Chewbacca carrying the partially rebuilt C-3PO on his back (to the left of the front of the mug). That happened after the droid was blasted by a stormtrooper and thrown away at the Ugnaught recycling facility.

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