Starbucks You Are Here Australia mug

You Are Here – Australia

Have you ever questioned yourself why there are no mugs from You Are Here Series dedicated to Australia? What’s wrong with Australia? Well, nothing, because Starbucks finally started releasing YAHs for “the Lucky Country”. Yes, you heard it right. Not one, but five Australian mugs were released recently.
What do we know about this country? Spiders, deserts, expensive. Obviously, it is a joke. I would love to visit Australia. One day, one day for sure.
What do we see on the mug? They placed mostly elements from wildlife on it:
– Koala on the tree
– Turtle
– Kangaroo
Additionally: sheep (sheep farming is widely spread in Australia); sun, boomerang, bush hat. The mug is green inside.
If you really need this mug right now, please note, that when ordering from buyers living in Australia the shipping cost might be as high as the price of the mug itself. I’d rather wait till more mugs are brought to China or States, the price will be more adequate.

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