You Are Here – Basel

Starbucks You Are Here – Basel was released almost a month ago and I am finally adding it to the list.
Basel is the third most populous city in Switzerland and is located on the border with two other European countries – Germany and France. Interestingly enough, some of Basel’s suburbs are located outside of the country. Switzerland is a member of the Schengen Area so no passport check is required when crossing the border from France or Germany, however, since it is not a member of the EU, you have to declare any goods you bring in. Btw, the official language of Basel is German (Swiss variety).
Most of the mug’s design is dedicated to the city views, as seen from the Rhine river. Clown’s mask is probably the most striking element on the mug. It is symbolizing the Carnival of Basel, which is the biggest carnival in Switzerland, held between February and March. The mask in question, known as a Larve, is an important part of the participants’ costumes since it is considered inappropriate and a breach of protocol to identify oneself by removing the mask.

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