Starbucks You Are Here Bratislava mug

You Are Here – Bratislava

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Here are the photos of the brand new city mug, Starbucks You Are Here – Bratislava provided by our reader. Who would have thought, that there are more YAH city mugs to be released?
Bratislava is the capital and the largest city in Slovakia. The city got its contemporary name in 1919 and it was known under its German name, Pressburg, or Hungarian name Pozsony, before that. Interestingly enough it was the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary between 1536 and 1783.
The design of the mug is dedicated to the architecture of the city:
– Grassalkovich Palace a.k.a Presidential Palace is the official seat of the president of Slovakia. It was built in 1760 in Rococo (late Baroque) style
– Bratislava Castle is a rectangular building with four corner towers. The castle is located on the hill directly above the Danube River in the middle of the city. It is a well-known symbol of Bratislava due to its size and location. It provides excellent views of Bratislava, Austria, and even Hungary on clear days.
– The Roland Fountain. a.k.a. Maximilian Fountain is one of the city’s landmarks. It is located in the Old Town, on the Main Square.
– Slavín is a memorial monument constructed between 1957 and 1960 at the military cemetery.
– “Earth – Planet of Peace” is a spherical shape fountain made of steel. It is located on Hodžovo Square in front of the Grassalkovich Palace.

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