Starbucks You Are Here Cambridge mug

You Are Here – Cambridge

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Starbucks You Are Here Cambridge is an interesting release in a sense that a mug from this series, with exactly the same name, was already released in the past. Make no mistake, it’s not the new version of the existing mug, this is the brand new release for a different city with the same name. Therefore we have a mug for Cambridge, US and a mug for Cambridge, UK.

Cambridge, located in Cambridgeshire, England, is a city steeped in captivating history. Its origins can be traced back to the Roman era, but it truly came into prominence with the establishment of the University of Cambridge in 1209. This renowned institution has shaped the city’s identity and produced some of the world’s greatest minds, including scientific luminaries like Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. Cambridge’s historic colleges, such as King’s College and Trinity College, stand as testaments to centuries of academic excellence and feature breathtaking architecture, highlighted by the iconic King’s College Chapel.

The front of the mug showcases the Cambridge Market Square, which is a bustling hub of activity in the heart of the city. This historic square has been a focal point for commerce and community gatherings for centuries. Lined with charming market stalls, it offers a diverse array of goods, from fresh produce and flowers to unique crafts and clothing. The vibrant atmosphere is filled with the sounds of vendors calling out their offerings and the chatter of locals and visitors mingling amidst the bustling crowd. The Market Square serves as a vibrant meeting place where people can connect, shop, and immerse themselves in the lively ambiance of Cambridge.

The red lion further on the side of the mug represents Cambridge University R.U.F.C. (Rugby Union Football Club). It is a prestigious and storied rugby club associated with the University of Cambridge. With a rich tradition dating back to 1872, the club has a strong reputation for excellence in both academics and sports. The team’s passionate and talented players, consisting of students and alumni, compete in various rugby competitions and matches, showcasing their skill, teamwork, and dedication.

The Boat Race a.k.a. University Boat Race and the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, is an annual rowing competition between the Cambridge University Boat Club and the Oxford University Boat Club. The event takes place on the River Thames in London and has been held since 1829, with the exception of a few years due to various circumstances.

The race covers a distance of approximately 4.2 miles (6.8 kilometers) from Putney to Mortlake, with the teams rowing in eights, which means each crew consists of eight rowers and a coxswain. The competition captures the attention of both the university communities and rowing enthusiasts worldwide, drawing large crowds of spectators along the riverbanks and a significant television viewership.

The rivalry between the two universities is intense, with each crew fiercely competing for victory. The race holds great significance for the rowers, who dedicate months of intense training and preparation to compete in this prestigious event. The outcome of the race is seen as a source of immense pride for the winning university and a matter of honor.

In addition to the men’s race, which is the main event, there is also a women’s race that was established in 1927. The women’s race has gained increasing recognition and popularity in recent years, with a similar level of excitement and competition.

An interesting historical moment of the race that happened in 1877 is worth the mention. In a rare occurrence, the competition resulted in a dead heat, meaning both crews crossed the finish line simultaneously. This thrilling event captivated spectators and solidified the Boat Race’s status as an intense and closely contested rivalry.

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