Starbucks You Are Here Disney Epcot 1 mug

You Are Here Disney – Epcot 1

This is the unicorn among You Are Here mugs – Epcot v1 with purple monorail which makes it different from Epcot v2 with silver monorail. Everything else is exactly the same.
The reason this mug is very hard to find, and it now costs a lot online – Starbucks only sold it for a short amount of time and then had to remove if from stores and replace with v2. And again they had to do so after they’ve released that pink monorail reminds of a tragedy happened in 2009 when purple and pink monorail crashed into each other, resulting in the death of one of the conductors, a 21-year-old man. My understanding it was brought to Disney’s attention by visitors as the design passed through executives and many other Starbucks and Disney employees and eventually hit the shelves.

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