Starbucks You Are Here Dublin mug

You Are Here – Dublin

With the Ireland mug comes You Are Here – Dublin. Together, they form a beautiful pair which makes the trip to Irand twice as exciting.
The most noticeable elements on the front of the mug are:
– Ha’penny Bridge – Dublin’s oldest pedestrian bridge over the River Liffey. It’s so-called because you once had to pay half a penny to cross it. Its official name is the Liffey Bridge, and it was built in May 1816 and became one of the most famous bridges in the city.
– The Convention Centre Dublin a.k.a. “The Tube in the Cube” – which took 12 years to build, with the opening on 7 September 2010.
– The spire of Dublin a.k.a. Monument of Light is a pin-like monument 390 ft (120m) high. It was completed on 21 January 2003 on the site of the former Nelson’s Pillar (destroyed by series of explosives planted by the Irish Republicans 8 March 1966). The Spire consists of eight hollow stainless steel cone sections, with a diameter of 9.8 ft (3m) at the base, narrowing to 5.9 in (15cm) at the top.

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