Starbucks You Are Here Gdańsk mug

You Are Here – Gdańsk

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This is the second Polish mug from the last week’s release, Starbucks You Are Here – Gdańsk, which also has a very pleasant colorful design. Gdańsk is located on the Baltic coast and is Poland’s principal seaport. Together with the cities of Gdynia and the resort town of Sopot, it forms a metropolitan area called the Tricity.
The front of the mug showcases the most famous landmark of the city – Żuraw, which is an old city gate and port crane, the largest of its kind in Europe. Unfortunately, the wooden (central) part of the building was destroyed in a fire during World War II but was later rebuilt to become a part of the National Maritime Museum.
We can also see the sand beach, which is a reminder that Gdansk (and Sopot) is a very popular touristic destination in summer when millions of Poles and other European tourists head towards the Baltic coastline for their portion of the sun and the sea.
The rest of the mug is showing Gdańsk’s Main Town along the Motława River, which together with the Vistula river connects the city to Poland’s capital Warsaw by water.
Thanks to the follower for providing the photos of the mug.

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