You Are Here – Geneva

YAH collection is continuing to expand in Europe with the fresh release of Starbucks You Are Here Geneva mug. The color scheme is pretty interesting. The front of the mug is mostly green.
– there is a red statue I can’t identify (I tried hard, trust me)
– four 15-foot-tall statues of Geneva luminaries on Reformation Wall (Mur de la Réformation)
– running shoes – for Geneva Marathon (The Harmony Geneva Marathon for UNICEF) – is an annual marathon held in May

The rest of the mug is mostly blue and shows:
– beautiful Lake Geneva – it is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe and gives you absolutely stunning views with mountains in the background.
Jet d’Eau – is a large fountain – one of the city’s most famous landmarks.
– soccer ball – my guess that’s to commemorate hosting UEFA Euro 2008 (along with other cities from Switzerland and Austria)
– skates – obviously popular sport in Switzerland

And to conclude, this is the forth YAH from this country. See others here.

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