Starbucks You Are Here Guangzhou mug

You Are Here – Guangzhou

Starbucks You Are Here – Guangzhou – is one of 23 Chinese mugs released in September 2017.
Guangzhou is the second most populous city in China. It is situated at the heart of the most-populous metropolitan area in mainland China. For many years it was a very important terminus of the maritime Silk Road. It continues to serve as a major port of southern China being relatively close to Hong Kong and Macau (75 and 90 miles respectively).
From the mug:
Canton Tower – briefly held the title of tallest tower in the world, replacing the CN Tower. It is 1,982 ft tall.
Leatop Plaza – completed in 2012 – 993 ft high
Guangzhou International Finance Center a.k.a. East Tower – 1,739ft tall, completed in October 2016.
The Statue of Five Goats in Yuexiu Garden. Interesting fact – Guangzhou is sometimes called ‘City of Five Goats’ due to The Legend of Five Goats

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