Starbucks You Are Here Hai Phong mug

You Are Here – Hai Phong

Little bit unexpected, yet pleasant surprise from Vietnam – Starbucks You Are Here Hai Phong mug. Love it’s colors! It almost made me want to collect all five Vietnamese YAHs. Interesting enough, according to Starbucks Vietnam Facebook page, you can only buy this mug at Starbucks Tran Phu, 15A Tran Phu street, Hai Phong city, but I am pretty sure in a month or two it will appear in all major airports of the country.
Hai Phong is a major industrial city and the third largest city in Vietnam. It started it’s growth in 1887 as a seaport developed by the French Colonial Empire. From the mug:
– Cargo ships – referring to city being a major port
Bính Bridge – a 4200ft long, cable-stayed bridge across the Cấm River connecting the Hai Phong city with Thủy Nguyên District. It was completed in 2005.
Delonix regia – a.k.a. the flame Tree and it’s flamboyant flower
– Lê Chân statue – one of the female generals under the command of the Trưng Sisters who rose against Chinese rule in 40 AD and ruled until their defeat in 43 AD. One of the districts of the city also has this name – Lê Chân

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