Starbucks You Are Here Japan 4 Summer Collection mug

You Are Here – Japan 4 Summer Collection

As it was announced earlier, June 19 was supposed to be the date for Japan Summer Collection release. And since there is a 13 hours difference, we can already enjoy pictures of the new You Are Here – Japan 4 Summer Collection mug, coming directly from Starbucks website.
This design stands out from the other three previously released mugs, compare it to v1 (Common), v2 Winter (Limited), v3 Spring (Limited). As you can see the mount Fuji became green, with just the tip still being white. My understanding this is more common to early summer as the snow melts by July. The base of the mountain is covered with sunflowers which are best to admire in Yamanakako Hanano Miyako Park in August. There are also seagulls flying around the mountain and sailboat plowing through the waters of the sea or lake. As you probably know Fuji is surrounded by lakes, but the ocean is not that far either, only 16 miles from the peak to the shore, when looking directly to the south. I made some research and probably the best spot to see the mountain from the sea is Enoshima Bentenbashi Bridge. Remember that when visiting Japan.
When looking at the back of the mug we see fireworks (Hanabi) which is a very popular show all around Japan. There are so many fireworks festivals in the country, that’s it’s hard to guess which one inspired the designer here.
There are at least three more elements on the mug, and I am leaving those for the ornament.

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