You Are Here Ornament – Japan 4 Summer Collection

You Are Here Ornament – Japan 4 Summer Collection is coming right after its bigger brother. The string is green as well as the inside of the mini mug.
As I promised in the previous post, I am going to talk about the remaining elements of the design of this set.
On the side of the ornament, right after the sailboat, we see three slices of watermelon. And this is not just your average fruit, but Japanese watermelons. Let me tell you why they are so special, they are much sweeter than those found in the other parts of the world. They also come in different forms: hearts, pyramids, and even jinmen suika – watermelons in the shape of a human face (creepy but cool). Add extra sweet black watermelon, produced in the town of Toma, Hokkaido island on top of that and you have another reason to visit this amazing country.
The back of the mug, apart from fireworks, which I’ve mentioned earlier, shows three Japanese Wind Bells, Furins, which literally mean (Fu) Wind and (Rin) Bell. Furins can be seen hanging outside of many houses during summer and is pretty much the symbol of this time of the year. It is believed that wind bells produce relaxing sounds that match the rhythm of life and nature.

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